3C Christmas Challenge


What time is it?

Detty December o’clock!


This season is characterized by fireworks, giving and receiving of gifts, cooking more food than we can consume, which get served on Styrofoam plates, making their sweet way to the mouth via plastic spoons. The champagne popping and guzzling with disposable plastic cups, plastic bags cuddling our new clothes and shoes with some old shoes not making it to the new year. They get binned, if not given away. A lot of waste is generated especially at Christmas when hosting families, friends and associates.

Ever thought about how much waste you generate each day and where it ends up? We hardly consider waste stream and the processes involved because throwing things away is a normal part of our practices.

“3C Christmas Challenge” is aimed at becoming our new normal. We are seeking Climate Change Champions who will be aware of the implications of creating waste while identifying ways we can all work together to reduce waste and upcycle those gathered by finding creative and innovative ways to reuse them to preserve our environment and as an extra income stream.

Make waste reduction your anthem this holiday season and get rewarded as a top Champion for collecting the most waste!

Challenge opens on Dec 23rd 2020 and ends on Jan 22nd 2021.

Click click click! To Signup!!  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc9-DEvES-wejZy9cvJuSF_J0JpkC7kjwxZHGbGjgFgf1zjgg/viewform?usp=pp_url

The fun starts in the “How to Participate” section. Visit @thehg_global on Instagram now to begin the journey! #3CChristmasChallenge

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