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The effects of climate change on humans are far reaching and include effects on health, environment, displacement and migration, security, society, human settlement, energy and transport. Climate change has brought about possibly irreversible alterations to Earth’s geological, biological and ecological systems. These changes have led to the emergence of large-scale environmental hazards to human health, such as extreme weather ‘ozone depletion, increased danger of wildfires, loss of biodiversity, stresses to food-producing systems and the global spread of infectious diseases. In addition, climatic changes were estimated to cause over 150,000 deaths annually in 2002, with the World Health Organization estimating this number will increase to 250,000 deaths annually in the next decade.

Human-driven climate change is a key driver of biodiversity collapse and species extinction — up to one million species may go extinct by the end of the century. Recent studies show the 20 warmest years on record have been in the past 22 years, and the top four in the past four years. Over the past century, the average temperature of the Earth has risen by 1.8°F. Over the next one hundred years, scientists are projecting another 0.5 to 8.6°F rise in the temperature. The cause of this temperature change is human activities that have released large amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases (such as methane, nitrous oxide and fluorinated gases) into the atmosphere. The majority of greenhouse gases come from burning fossil fuels to produce energy. Results of this global warming include rising ocean temperatures, a more acidic ocean, melting ice caps, and rising sea levels. The negative consequences of human-driven climate change will continue to accelerate with disastrous effects: sea continue to rise, inundating and eliminating nesting beaches and foraging habitat for marine wildlife; warming seas are driving ocean animals further north, leading to cold stunning and further reducing sea turtle hatchling success; and the effects of increasing ocean acidification will become more deadly to all marine life.

Strategic Litigation

Our strategic litigation and advocacy campaigns enforce stronger protections for endangered species and the threats they face as climate change worsens.

Hands-On Restoration

We create local carbon sinks by planting thousands of native plants and trees in polluted ecosystems.

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