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WHY WE HAVE TO SAVE THE PLANET We need emergency response to climate change that will drive a massive and very fast restructuring of the economy so we can reduce concentrations of Greenhouse gases and cool the planet. Why is this so? There are...

Climate Migration
Climate Migration

Migration and the climate crisis: the UN’s search for solutions Throughout human history, migration and climate have always been connected, but in the modern era, the impacts of the man-made climate crisis are likely to extensively change the...

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Humanity Global For Total Awareness Initiatives Is A Non-Governmental Organization Registered In Nigeria To Support Initiatives In vulnerable And Marginalized Communities To Take Sustainable Actions On Our Planet And Environment, Focusing On...


To truly transform our economy, protect our security, and save our planet from the ravages of climate change, we need to ultimately make clean, renewable energy the profitable kind of energy.

David Anderson

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Clearly, we need more incentives to quickly increase the use of wind and solar power; they will cut costs, increase our energy independence and our national security and reduce the consequences of global warming.

Once the renewable infrastructure is built, the fuel is free forever. Unlike carbon-based fuels, the wind and the sun and the earth itself provide fuel that is free, in amounts that are effectively limitless.

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